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My granddaughter has always been an A - B student in high school -
more A than B's. She is in her senior year and has always been in
honor classes.

My granddaughter plays basketball and torn her ACL her senior year.
She had surgery late October to repair her ACL (2014). Because she
has missed about 2-3 weeks of school because of her surgery - she is
behind on her home work and has a lot of make up work. One of my
granddaughter's courses is Pre-Cal and she has always been good at it.

My granddaughter called me today (12/5/2014) crying and beside
herself. She is having trouble making up all of her home work and is
getting further behind. She is starting to fail subjects and has
until 12/11/2014 to makeup all of her homework before finals. She
mentioned something about the other students making fun of her and it
is really affecting her mentally.

My daughter - her mother has always been a straight A student in high
school and on the dean's list in college and the Who's Who. She has
always been a pusher on my grandchildren to strive to work hard to
make great grades and anything else they do in their life. She has
not been sympathetic and understanding of my granddaughter since her
surgery. My granddaughter wants to makeup all of her home work before
examines - but her biggest worry is that the counselor wants to move
her down to regular classes and my granddaughter is beside herself not
wanting to move down to regular classes. My granddaughter told her
mother that she is failing her grades and that she should be moved to
regular classes and taken out of her honor classes. I want to help my
granddaughter achieve a way to stay in her honor classes, makeup her
homework and get good grades and do well on her finals. She is having
to go take physical therapy for her leg and with everything else going
on in her life is having a very tough time.

I want to help my granddaughter achieve and get past all of this
trauma in her life to be able to pass her senior year. My
granddaughter has been looking forward to college to make something of

Is there any suggestions you could make to help me help my
granddaughter, please?!!!

Thank you,



The lack of empathy for your granddaughter is truly shocking. What is happening given her
past academic history is obviously a temporary situation and this should be recognized by
her teachers - and her mother. Homework should have no place in grades, and she should
only have do the learning activities that are critical to her 'catching up' in her knowledge
and understanding of the content and skills in her courses; she certainly shouldn't have to
make up all the homework. I am appalled that the counsellor would suggest moving her to
regular classes until she has been given real opportunities to overcome her absence and
injury. What your granddaughter needs is an advocate; it should be her mother but if she is
unwilling to carry out that role, then you need to step in.