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Good afternoon, I am taking U.S History this semester. The class is spit up in a total of 12 chapter quizzes, one midterm exam, a book report, research paper and final exam. The grades are weighted in the syllabus as follows; QUIZZES 20%, BOOK REVIEW 20%, MID-TERM 20%, RESEARCH PAPER 20% and the FINAL EXAM IS 20%. My quiz average is roughly in total between a 75%-85%. I scored a 93% on the midterm , a 96 on the book report, a 94 on the research paper but I am going to take the final exam in a week. My question is, with the provided grades and percent what is the grade I have to get on the final to get a "A" in the class , if possible. Also, I earn 3 extra points on the final grade for attending every class.
his grading scale is 92-100 A, 84-91 B 76-83 C AND 68-75D.


Orlando Salgado


I have just deleted 14 questions like this. There is a very clear statement in red where
questions are submitted that states this - "The purpose of "Ask the Grade Doctor" is to
answer substantive questions about grading and reporting philosophy, policy, procedures,
and practices. I will not answer questions that are only about the calculation of grades.
Please do not post this type of question."
I again ask that you and others not submit questions like this as all I will do is delete them,
although in this case I will say that this is an atrocious grading plan that should cause great
embarrassment to your teacher.