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Hi Grade Doctor,
So, my school grades important assessments out of 7. I'm in the 9th grade, which started a couple months ago, and in most subjects I've
been getting 6's and 7's... apart from math. I've received 2's in both of my major math tests. In class, I don't understand anything my
teacher says. I can't concentrate at all - I always end up looking out the window or unconsciously listing to my teacher droning on about x
intercepts. This applies to all the math classes I've ever had, dating back to elementary. My teacher is pretty good, but I just don't get
math. None of my math teachers have ever boosted my math skills enough for me to be average. I've always had a problem with math.
When I take math tests, my mind panics and I forget everything I've learned. Even if I was reviewing the math the night before :(. I see
everybody else actively working in class and it seems like I'm the only one who doesn't understand what we've been taught and told to do.
I can no longer have a positive attitude in class because I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING. I'm really slow at math as well, to make matters
worse. By the time I've finished question 1 on a worksheet, my friends are on question 4. At parent-teacher conferences, after receiving
the grade from my first major maths test, my teacher told me I should study more. The thing is I DO study, up to 3 hours before I have my
tests and quizzes. And for a second I think I do understand, but when I get my grades back it turns out I got everything wrong. Everything.
It seems like nobody else has to try that hard. I bet nobody else in my school dreads math class as much as I do. Although, I have to admit
that sometimes I haven't studied for math assignment (because I'm a bit lazy and A HUMAN - like everyone else). I'm sometimes too
nervous to ask my teacher questions, in fear of being confronted about not listening in class (because I try, I really do, but I always end up
distracted). Sometimes I tear up in math class, because nothing makes sense. I don't know how to tell my parents I failed another math
test. Now that I've started high school, all my grades start to count. It seems like I'll never get better at math, however hard I try. What
should I do? Any studying suggestions?
- Amelie



It seems to me that you need a math tutor who can help you overcome the gaps in your
math knowledge/understanding and then you have to ask your teacher questions when you
don't understand. There is no point in practising when you don't know what to do but as
you build your understanding you need to do lots of practice (as you would to build your
skills in band and basketball).