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I am teaching in a very small private Christian school in Germany. We serve mostly American
military families. I am writing to ask about grading policies, which I'm sure has been asked
many times, but I am struggling to find current research/findings to take to my principal in
our quarterly meeting at the end of the week.
I teach fourth grade and we are required to take 3 daily grades per subject per week, plus at
least one test/quiz grade per week in every subject, for a minimum requirement of 24 grades
per week. This seems unreasonable and contrary to best practices. Can you please point me in
the direction of something that I can take to my principal as a discussion piece? Thanks so
much for your time!

Lisa James


The amount of grades you are required to collect is absurd and anti-educational. Most of
what you are doing on a daily basis is formative assessment which should be 'no mark,
comment only.' If you want something to take to your principal I would suggest "Inside the
Black Box" by Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam. It was originally published in the Kappan
magazine in October 1998 but it is easily available through Google. Wiliam's book
"Embedded Formative Assessment" would also help.