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My son is 15 yrs old, I kept him back in grade K because he needed it. School has always
been a struggle for him. He had an IEP and I am pretty sure he has ADD although never
diagnosed. In the 8th grade he got severe anxiety and wouldn't go to school no matter what
we did. The school even took us to court so we decided to homeschool him. Well that didn't
turn out very well either and it was a struggle to get him to do any work at all. He didn't do
enough to pass the 8th grade at home or at school. He has 2 different psychologists that
come to our house weekly. One of them said that they will probably put him through to the
9th grade even though he didn't do the work because he was already held back once and they
don't want 16 yr old kids in JR high(8th Grade). He will be 16 in Feb. He says he won't go
back to the 8th grade and wants to drop out if he isn't allowed to go to the 9th grade. We are
having a lot of emotional problems with him and I believe it is his hormones from being a teen
caused a chemical imbalance in his head. He was a great kid before all this happened. We
live in Stoughton, Ma. Will they promote him to the 9th grade because of his age? I know of a
kid in Taunton , Ma that never went to school and hadn't passed a grade since 6th grade yet
was pushed through each grade and graduated. I am lost and frustrated about the whole thing
but he needs a hs diploma at least to survive this cruel world. What do I do?

Worried Dad


I am sorry but I have no way of answering this question. You need to speak with
administrators, counsellors and psychologists in your local school system.