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I have a traumatic brain injury from military service and am qualified to receive services from the disability department at my community college in California. These services, based on certification from my doctor, allow me twice the time on exams than other students receive.

I feel that one of my professors does not respect my situation and the validity of the extra time I receive, and instead penalizes me for using this testing service rather than taking the exams in her class.

My biggest issue is that this professor provides me with entirely different exams from the other students. On my recent midterm, every question on my test was different from every other exam question given to the rest of my class. Additionally, my exam had more questions and it seemed obvious to me that my questions were more difficult.

It seems to me that this professor may be improperly penalizing me or retaliating against me for using the testing services offered by my disability department. I have not had this experience with any previous professor.

I am trying to get information before filing a complaint against this professor, but I have not been able to find any statute or case law on point with this situation.

I have two questions, and would appreciate any other information you can provide:

1. Under the circumstances described above, is it permissible for a professor to require a disabled student to take exams with entirely different questions than the exams given to the rest of the class?

2. If this is permissible, how is it possible for the professor to apply uniform grading standards? Stated differently, what can be done to determine whether both tests are equal or unfair?

I don't want to sue anyone. I just want to receive equal treatment. But I am backed into a corner and will not allow a biased and ignorant person to negatively impact my future opportunities.

Thank you for any information, and especially any citation to applicable authority, that you can provide.



You certainly appear to have a situation that is challenging in many ways. I cannot answer
your questions but before I filing a complaint I suggest that you talk to the professor's
department chair and/or the academic dean.




I am to a disabled vet, I can but choose not to go your route due to my own personal
beliefs. A few points jump out to me. You keep stating that you feel that your professor is
treating you differently from the rest of the students. That is by your own doing from the
special treatment your asking for. The biggest problem I have with you question is....you
state that all of your test's are completely different from everyone else's test that they are
taking....hello!!!! how do you know that unless you are trying to cheat by trying to get a
copy of your classmates test when they take it then using it as your study guide so you can
pass your test. Test in college are not to be shared as you know. Normally for disabled
personnel in college asking for specific leeway's get to take they test in a separate room at
their scheduled convenient time. You probably are signing up to take you exams after the
rest of the class is taking theirs then having someone copy the test one way or another so
you can use it to cheat. So yes it would be obvious that your professor would be giving
you a test that does not match the rest of the students you cheater. Stop being typical
military and stand on your own two feet for once. You want to set things right with your
professor start taking your exam earlier than everyone else and pass them, show her/him
you do not need to cheat.

P.S I am a disabled VET that is 90% Service connected right now and am about to be rated
at 100% I know the games most military service members play expecting special treatment
and their scams.

The Grade Doctor's


Maybe a somewhat harsh judgment but a viewpoint from someone who knows a lot more
about this situation than I do.