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I have been working on this for over two years. I have sent emails to Pearson and they were
ignored. They did not even respond.

This is not an enhancement, but this is common sense. The biggest design flaw with
Gradebook comes in the set up of the grading. There is no option to input grades in a
chronological order that puts the most recent assignment right next to the class roll. As a
consequence, Teachers have to scan across a small font and match up the name with the
assignment that is way on the right, or they have to change the screen every time to
minimize its size. Across the country, this costs teachers thousands of hours.

To the untrained eye, this seems minimal. However, a student of time management would
perform calculations and determine a problem exists. This should be an option, and
teachers should be able to have the most recent assignments right next to the class roll. It
would be much easier for teachers to record grades. Why hasn't Pearson fixed this? This is
a major procedural flaw.

Joe Bellak


I don't see this as a flaw because what is important is to be able to see the pattern of each
student's performance on each standard and this is shown vertically. Also one of the
strongest features of PowerTeacher is that one of the summary metrics is 'most recent' so I
do not see the need for the horizontal scan. I will, however. pass your question on to one
of my contacts at Pearson.