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I attended your conference this past fall in Flint, MI. You had a lot of great ideas and I
learned a lot about the 15 fixes for broken grades. Our school district is moving to more
grades doing standards based reporting. Our K-3 grades have been doing it for a few
years and 4-6 are going to in another year. While I feel this is great way to report
grades I do not feel our district is moving in the right direction in creating this report

Do you have any help with what we should be doing first in preparing to develop a
standards based report card? Also do you have other books to read or look at that will
help in assisting us in moving in the right direction?

Thanks for you time.

Molly Spodney



Hi Molly, Sorry for the delay in replying but I have had a lot going on and was not able to
respond. It is hard to say what is the first thing to do in developing a standards-based
report cards but there are four things that are critical - 1. Agree on the purpose of grades
and the report card; 2. Decide on the number of levels of achievement and develop clear
descriptions of each level; 3. Decide on the (content) standards that will be on the report
card for each grade level and subject; and 4. Decide on the behaviors you value and that
will be on the report card so that grades can be about achievement only.
Authors about grading and reporting that I suggest you read include Damian Cooper, Tom
Guskey, Rick Wormeli, Tom Schimmer, Douglas Reeves and Susan Brookhart. I also suggest
you participate in #sblchat on Twitter on Wednesdays at 9 PM.