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Hi! I am a junior, and,as the state requires, I took the ACT this
year. However, I did not take it with my school. I took it the fall
before the school so that I could have a practice run and do better
this spring. However, as it turned out, I got a 36 composite score my
first try. I was originally still going to retake it to help my
scores, but the counselor advised me to "be selfish and look out for
myself" by not taking it again. Recently, he changed his mind. He told
me I have to take it now or I will be letting down my school. The
counselor in fact told me that if he and the principal could force me
to take the test again, they would but they can't. He then proceeded
to tell me that if I chose to not take the ACT, my letters of
recommendation letters would reflect the fact that I could help my
class and chose not to. My parents talked to the principal personally
and he supported this ideology despite the fact that the ACT would be
in the middle of my 3 AP tests, following a week of Academic
Decathlon, and my active position in the school.
What do I do? The scholarship I want requires applicants to show every
test score they have ever received on the ACT. I don't want to risk my
test scores but I also don't want to risk my letter of recommendation.
Is it acceptable for the counselor to make threats like this? If not,
what should I do? Also, is it bad that I don't want to retake the ACT?
Should I be responsible for raising the average ACT scores for my
class? What is the best course of action to take in this situation?
Thank you in advance!



I know very little about the ACT but I think you should do what is best for you and I think that
the school should support whatever decision you make. Also I think it is appalling that they
are attempting to blackmail you with threats about letters of recommendation.