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Our school district is using a 4-point rubric for our SBRC. 1= Needs
Support, 2=Developing, 3=Proficient, 4=Advance. Our teachers are
struggling with the "2" and "4".
Our "2" explanation is: Developing - Student is making progress
toward acceptable achievement of the standard(s), or not all parts of
the standard have been taught and assessed. Bottom line - our "2" can
mean two different things. (Many of our reporting standards combine
several instructional standards.) Some teachers believe we need to
have a new symbol to explain the difference between the two types of
2's (a 2 because not all instructional standards were taught and a
2 because the child earned a 2). Other teachers believe we should
not change our report card and instead it comes down to better
communication with parents about the difference. I would appreciate
your advice.
The other concern is how to explain what is a "4". The language for
our "4" is: Student consistently and independently demonstrates in-
depth understanding and exceeds required performance and understanding
of the standard(s). Some teachers are struggling with a better way to
explain what a "4" is and isn't.
Any help on these two issues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



A lot of questions here.
The description of a 2 should not include "not all parts of
the standard have been taught and assessed;" if that situation exists what should be on the
report card is NA (+=Not Assessed).
The description of a 4 should not include "independently" as all assessments of learning
should be done independently. I would also recommend changing "exceeds" to "excels."