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This is a question regarding grading policy of an online college class that is halfway through the term. I have an A so far, from hard
work, adjustments, and quite a bit of effort. 50% of the grade will be based on a single difficult final paper, which always seemed
excessive. I submitted a required ungraded draft of the paper, which admittedly I wasn't able to complete fully, and received very
disappointing (but expected and deserved) feedback. The paper is a set of legal case studies.

From this, I have little to go on from an instructor with particular and high expectations for all work submitted, without being able to
provide many examples. When asked, he has an unfortunate "I'll know good work when I see it" sort of answer.

I have 4 weeks to submit this, so will do my best in this time, but he has refused my request of an additional draft submission and
commentary for the class, which again seems unfair. I question this practice, and that of 1/2 grade based on a research paper. Any

Concerned Student


I have no difficulty with 50% of the grade coming from one paper if it is a valid culminating
assessment for the course. I have real difficulty with the instructor not being willing to
provide you with additional assistance. I would suggest you seek out others who have
taken this course in the past who should be able to give you some advice on what this
instructor expects but it is difficult because it is an online course.