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Hello. I am a returning adult student attending community college. My online statistics professor has given us a project in which "meeting the standards of the project is an average grade, about 75%." In order to get more than 75% you must exceed standards, "you're analysis must include MORE than the basic questions require." Is this a common philosophy in education? She does not give any specifics as to the "requirements" to earn full points. She does say "include any descriptive statistics and any other analysis that you believe adds value to your paper." From a students perspective it doesn't seem fair that meeting the requirements does not earn the full grade. I figure their must be a concept behind it. Thank you,Phyllis

Phyllis Freeman


In learning goals-based systems it is quite common to identify level 3 as proficient and
level 4 as excelling and if (unfortunately) these are related to 5 grades a 3 is usually
considered to be in the 80-90% range and a 4 is in the 91-100% range. Also if it is done
well teachers/professors give students rubrics and exemplars that enable students to have
a clear sense of the characteristics of each level. To sum up, your prof's grade equivalent
for proficient is low and he/she should be providing clear criteria for "exceeds standards."
(Excels is much better than exceeds.)