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I was absent the day a in class discussion took place, where normally
the highest grade you can make is about a 95 or 96, as you get points
every time you speak. However, I was sick, and upon completing a
makeup assignment and receiving a 90 I was informed that on the makeup
the highest possible grade one can receive is a 90. Is it fair to
grade material in a way where anything above a 90 is impossible?

James D


I find this almost unbelievable. It is never acceptable to put an upper limit on the score that
any student can achieve. The bigger problem here is that this activity is all about points
and not about learning. This activity is a learning activity and should not be part of grades.
Furthermore it is unfair because participation ( and points availability) is controlled by the
teacher and by whether students are introverts or extroverts.


James D's


I calculated that this change could only effect my six weeks grade by up to .4 (not a huge
difference overall, but you never know what the difference between an A and B is). Firstly,
with this in mind, do you still think its worth it to re-bring it up to the teacher? My only
reservation for doing this would be it could possibly create tension between us or it could
appear I was over-questioning her decisions. Second, if you do encourage me to further
discuss it, any general tips or strategies you would recommend in making my case or
appealing to a higher power would be appreciated.

The Grade Doctor's


As the difference is so small I think it is a judgement call that you have to make. If you do decide to go ahead I would suggest you ask questions like what principles guide her grading policy and what standard is being assessed by participation in class discussions.