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Hi. I am in my second year at Sinclair Community College, and last semester I was put on probation because I had to drop a course. So this semester I took 12 credits, and still had to drop one, because I knew I would fail it. I needed 5.58 credits to get the 67% needed for financial aid, but all of my grades are not in yet, so neither are my credits. When I pull up the GAP calculator, it states if I took 12 and only passed 9, I only have a 66$ and I will not be able to go on if this is true. I had talked to financial aid, and they said I was safe if I dropped the 3 credit hour class and would still wind up with 67.?, but I am seeing 66%. Doe it matter how many credits you have passed when calculating this average, as I am scared to death now that I will not be able to finish my course, if this 66% is correct??? As I said only 2 credits have been added, and I still have 7 that have not been added to my courses passed yet. Will this make the 66% go up when these points are added to my grades? I am so scared - please let me know as soon as possible. I'm a nervous wreck!! Thank you so much. You can also reach me at krte2010@gmail.com. Please hurry and let me know as I tried so hard to get these grades, and maintain the 67$, but they had told me from financial aid I would be okay, and looking at what they are saying I passed is only 39.99 and I have passed 49 on top of the ones not showing yet?

Donna Korte


There is no way I can answer your question because it depends on the policies of the
school. You will have to sort this out with the school.

Please note that you should have read this before you posted your question:-
"The purpose of "Ask the Grade Doctor" is to answer substantive questions about grading
and reporting philosophy, policy, procedures, and practices. I will not answer questions
that are only about the calculation of grades.
Please do not post this type of question."