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I am a junior and I have to turn in my term paper, but I don't really feel like doing it. So I was wondering if I have a 92 percent in my class and the term paper is worth 100 points but is worth 50 percent of my grade, what will my grade be if I don't turn in my term paper?

Adam Cobban


It should be I for incomplete but it will probably be about 46%. Do it!


bailey Green's


I don't believe that this is a simple computation question? It's really too simple when
viewed in that way.

Is it possible that Adam believes his teachers are not allowed to assign a zero? Is it
possible that he believes that the teacher must give him some mark or disregard it
completely. At the time of the fiasco there were actually students who believed this at Ross
Sheppherd--O BTW they were correct. Teachers were not allowed to assign Incomplete or
Unable to Access as a final mark.

The Grade Doctor's


It is possible but none of the scenarios you describe should happen. Students need to understand that, while there teachers cannot use zeros, they are responsible for producing a body of evidence that is sufficient for the teacher to make the judgment they have to make. That is why I advocate that for each course at high school in week one the teacher will provide students with an assessment plan for the course that lists the diagnostic, formative and summative assessments that will occur. For the summative assessments the plan should indicate the number and type of summative assessments and how many and which assessments are critical. If all the assessments are discrete then they are all critical; if all the assessments overlap then two or three would be sufficient. In reality we have some overlap so a realistic assessment plan might say 'there will be 9 summative assessments, the minimum requirement is six, including the third, fifth and ninth. If you do not do at least six, including the third, fifth and ninth, your grade will be I (= F). In Adam's case the term paper would be the third, fifth or ninth.