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Hi. I have an 80 in one of my classes. I did not do a major grade assighnment so thats a
zero. So what is my grade average now?



To Autumn and others who post this type of question. This is in red where you enter your
"The purpose of "Ask the Grade Doctor" is to answer substantive questions about grading
and reporting philosophy, policy, procedures, and practices. I will not answer questions
that are only about the calculation of grades.
Please do not post this type of question."

Usually when this type of question is asked I just delete it. The answer is ask your teacher
and ask yourself why you didn't do a major assignment and to show you are a responsible
person what are you going to do about it?


Bailey Green's


Since there should not be a zero in the grading system you advocate, would you say that if
this assignment is a summative assessment Autumn should get an incomplete and not
pass the course, after giving her a chance to make it up? If it is a formative assessment
should it just not count and her mark remains at 80?

How many chances should Autumn be given? What if there is no funding for the students
who do not complete? How does one deal with the parents who are not ready to have
their child fail the course with a passing grade? (Let's say Autumn's assignment was worth
10% of the mark)

The Grade Doctor's


The assignment should be recorded in the grade book as M - Missing, or NS - Not Submitted and the school should have a process in place (like the Power of ICU) to provide support and times for Autumn to get it done. If, however, by the time grades have to be determined Autumn has still not submitted the assignment the teacher has to decide whether Autumn has submitted sufficient evidence to determine a grade. If there is sufficient other evidence the grade is determined based on that evidence; if there is insufficient evidence she gets an Incomplete. (Remember assessment is a sampling procedure.) I agree if it is a formative assessment that it has no place in the grade. The funding issue is political not educational and should not impact on decisions about grades. There should be no problems with parents because the school should clearly communicate its assessment policies to parents - and students - at the beginning of each school year.