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We are implementing Standards-based grading district-wide and are
trying to find best practices on how to still determine an overall
grade for the course based on the individual standards. We have two
schools of thought.

1) If a student is not proficient in any of the standards, then they
cannot be proficient in the overall course, therefore resulting in a
Not Proficient grade until they have shown proficiency in each and
every standard.

2) For a student to show proficiency in all but one or two standards,
they have shown an overall proficiency in the subject matter, even if
they don't quite have it all down yet.

Any help on this? Just wondering what your research has show to be
best practice.



I have no research on this. Logically, I think it depends on how "pure" you want to be. If it
is certifying a pilot then your #1 definitely applies. In school it has basically been you get a
credit as long as your points add up to 0.55% below the cut % for pass/fail and this could
mean typically that you are strong in 60% of the standards and very weak in 40% of the
standards. Your #2 is a sort of a middle point between traditional practice and where we
eventually need to be at your #1, so I think it is reasonable to use #2 as a transitional
practice for a few years before you make the big leap to #1.