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I allow my students to retest after showing adequate preparation but need suggestions for dealing with students who do not properly prepare for the first test knowing that they will be able to retake a similar one. The extra work that is put upon teachers mounts quickly when too many students are retaking tests. Any suggestions?

Michelle DiGioia


Make the preparation for the reassessment really onerous and require it to occur on Friday
after school so they get the message it is better to do well the first time.




This one size fits all response does not take into consideration why a student doesn't
"adequately prepare". I see too many teachers "deciding" that a student just didn't
"adequately prepare" when the student did their absolute best, but didn't understand (or
even realize that they didn't understand) what was expected. Making the reassessment
onerous and requiring it to be after school on Friday is not helpful for those who are really
trying, but the teacher doesn't think they are. I have them show that same adequate
preparation before the first test, in the form of a fill-in review based on the work already
done, graded and returned for them to study. Those that tried for adequate preparation by
doing the fill-in review and failed get to re-take, those that didn't bother, don't. I have very
few retakes, except by those who really don't do well on tests.

The Grade Doctor's


I think I answered the question as it was asked but I agree with you that sometimes students "prepare adequately" but don't do well because at that point in time they didn't understand or they simply had a bad day so reassessment for them should require correctives but should not be as onerous as I suggested initially.
I disagree with you about excluding students who didn't do your fill-in review from the retake as there may be very acceptable reasons as to why the review was not done or done poorly. Regardless of that our job as teachers is to be "warm demanders" so retakes should be available for all students with APPROPRIATE correctives and opportunity cost.