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My 11 yr old has had a D in math since the beginning of the year. My problem is
that the teacher gave him a B on his report card. When I had a meeting with the
teacher she said he was allowed to retake the tests until he gets a passing grade.
What is going on? This doesn't make sense.



Surely you want your son to be learning so reteaching, relearning and reassessment should
always be the way we operate for students who don't 'get it' the first time. I failed my
driving test the first time, had some relearning, practiced and passed the second time -
and my driver's licence looks exactly the same as those that passed the first time or the
fifth time.


Ron Teal's


This analogy is not even comparable. Using this analogy, who would you choose to
perform open heart surgery on you? The doctor that passed boards the first time or the
doctor that took 5 tries to pass? Fact is, if you are teaching and are giving work to you
students, everything should effect your final grade. Credit should be given where credit is
due. Weighting those grades should be used, but not given credit is just wrong. It sends
the wrong message to children and can greatly effect study habits and ultimately kill their
GPA to get into college.

The Grade Doctor's


The analogy fits perfectly - my driver's licence does not have printed on it "passed at the second attempt" and my 50 year+ driving record is almost certainly better than 90%+ of those that passed the first time. Learning is a process not a race and the important issue is whether you demonstrated the competency not when. We need students to be learners and to understand that there is nothing wrong with not getting it the first time or making mistakes, what matters is what you do after that. The most successful people in almost every field acknowledge that they are successful because they learned from their failures.