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Our school recently introduced a 90%summative 10%formative. The first 5 weeks they did not add re-testing to the policy. Now the district after 5 weeks of implementation, it has informed the teachers that they can have their students re-test at the teacher's descrection. How do you feel about test retaking. Should there be a Cap? For example retakes only on 79% or worse? My son does very poorly on tests. He has since he started school. His current GPA is a 2.67. Is there any recommendations you can give me to help him. He is very frustured with the new policy? Do you recommend a 90%/10% policy across all classrooms middle schoold through high school (grades 6-12). Would it be more beneficial to have a competicency based grading a little more diverse. For example, a 90/10 scale would benefit an AP/Honors class in high school class compared to a 80/20 in a general core high school class. How do you feel about going from a 70/30 in middle school to a 80/20 in high school? Do you recommend the same scale for all learning environments. Chemestry has Tests, Labs, and Homework, how does the 90/10 fit in? Thank you for your time. Looking forward your response.

Jennifer Salva


If our focus is on learning (which it should be) reassessment must be available, and it
should be available to all students with two conditions - there must be evidence of
correctives before any reassessment and there may be opportunity cost, i.e. not necessarily
when and where students would prefer. Any 70/30, 80/20,90/10 should be part of a
transition to 100/0 at all grade levels for all subjects although it is less formal in
elementary than in middle and high schools. Assessment methods should not be the base
for grades, standards should be the base or to put it another way - standards should be
the 'set' and assessment methods should be the subset.