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We are working in Power Teacher and trying to get a handle on quality Gradebooks. We have people all over the place and many trying to move with the new philosophy of assessment but using traditional Gradebook setups and itís not working. I have sent out your site and encouraged people to get ideas from you. One of the main issues is we have those who believe there must be a mark every 6 weeks in the Gradebook that shows up to parents in parent portal. The teachers who are more advanced in their assessment philosophy, feel that is not really necessary if all the formative and summative is showing up in parent portal. Parents and students, who communicate regularly with the teacher, especially if they have questions about marks, can see the patterns and have a good idea as to where a student is in his/her learning. Is this unreasonable? Or is it reasonable to expect all teachers to put a percentage every 6 weeks? I believe the only students and parents this is a problem for are those who are all over the map and have inconsistent performance and those parents who are concerned about every .5 of a percent in marks. Those parents and students need to be communicated with on a very regular basis to be sure they are in the know. How should a gradebook be set up? Do you have any samples you could share with us?



We shouldn't be using percentages at all but as they are required by inappropriate provincial
policy they must and should only be provided at report card time. The grade book should be
set up based on learning outcomes, not assessment methods. There are samples in both my