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Hi! I am an all A student, I do cheer leading, in the 9th grade, all
IB classes. I originally had a 100 in my English class (grading scale:
tests, projects, and essays 60%, everything else 40%)I got a 0 on one
of my projects because it wouldn't print. What would I have to do to
bring my grade up to a 90? and what would my grade be with a zero? or
how would I find what it would be?



Lucy, as all the words in red state on the screen where you entered your question this is
the type of question I usually do not answer here but your question gives me the
opportunity to make that point again and two others. First, if you don't know what your
grade would be with the zero or what you would need to do to bring it up to a 90 ASK
YOUR TEACHER! (In fact, you would need nine very high scores to bring it up to a 90.
Second, if your teacher is interested in learning, and specifically what you have learned
they should NEVER USE ZEROS. Whether the student's reason for not submitting a project
(on time) is good, bad, or indifferent, the teacher should support students to get done
what needs to be done. If it is an important assessment it is better that it be submitted late
than not at all.