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Hi, I am a principal leading my teachers toward using standards-based assessment and
grading. We spent last year reading your book on how to fix the grading process and
Marzano's work on standards-based grading and assessment. This year we are learning
how to use Power School. This is the hard part. Although there are a lot of resources that
demonstrate how to use Power Teacher to record standards it does not clearly explain how
to report the standards or how to report a combination of standards and an overall
percentage grade. Do you have any advice? Thank you.

Mary Helen Bever


Hi Mary, Glad to hearing that you are moving along with SBG. Here is the current state of
standards on PowerSchool form a high level executive last Friday - "Just last week, we
released the feature that allows high schools and middle schools to go 100% standards
based, and still retain an overall course grade for their GPA, transcript, etc. Although I
hope that we start to see them going away from the overall grade, if they have to do it, it
can now be calculated 100% from the standards grades. No need to ever use assignment
scores. If they have 5 standards, they can (for example) weight each of them 20%, and
those standards grades will be the only thing calculating the overall course grade. We're
already seeing a lot of excited about it. I wish that we'd been able to release it earlier, but
we had to guarantee that everything was working correctly, and I'm thrilled that we got it
out the door!"
If you are having problems you should contact your regional Pearson/PowerSchool