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Hi Ken,
I, too, am in Nova Scotia trying to get my head around our new report card descriptors and how to guide teachers in summarizing the evidence of student learning from achievement levels(1-4) to quality report card descriptors A-D (see Martha Stewarts question for the new descriptors). The first question that comes to mind is the time frame and type of information we are reporting. If we have a cumulative reporting time frame then it makes sense to me to be reporting PROGRESS towards achieving the outcomes. In this case, we would need progress indicators( progressing well, etc.) for reporting in terms 1 & 2 and could use the letter grade A-D to report achievement of at the end of the course. What are your thoughts??
If, on the other hand, we continue to report in discrete terms, only reporting achievement of what was addressed in that term, we would not use progress indicators but the letter grades A-D to report that achievement. If there is not enough evidence or a variety of evidence on a concept, we would continue to collect evidence into the next term and report on achievement then. What are your thoughts here???

I appreciate your time and guidance here.




Hi Cheryl, the issue you have raised is that achievement and progress are related but
different things and that this is often misunderstood at confused. I agree with you is that
the best way to handle this would be real progress reports for terms 1 and 2 and an
achievement report for term 3. If this is not feasible I agree that each report should be an
achievement report with a clear indication of the date on which the 'snapshot' of
achievement was determined. I also agree that if there is incomplete or insufficient
evidence the grade should be an I and you would continue to collect evidence in the next