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Hi Doctor,

Here's my situation: I was wait-listed for a class at my college, and when I went to register for the class it said that I couldn't register because the time conflicted with another one of my classes. When I approached the administration about it, the Dean of the department said it was state law that I couldn't stay in the class, even with the teacher's approval, and had to be reassigned to another class. When I went to the new class I had already missed the first assignment, which was a 5 point quiz, and the instructor said I couldn't make it up. Throughout the semester, the grades were posted on blackboard, but any assignment with a 0 wasn't factored in, so the total points possible wasn't accurate, leading me to believe I had an A when I really had a B. After finals, I went to check my grades and was surprised to find she had given me a B. When I approached my professor about it she said that the grades were final and she wouldn't change it. My question is this: can I be held responsible for the points I missed when I wasn't registered for the class, and because the grades posted weren't accurate, do I have any recourse? (I read that "...the student’s grade by the instructor, in the absence of mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetency, shall be final.”)

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question



Fairly typical terrible college grading practices. With regard to any recourse I think the normal
route is from professor to department chair to dean to legal action.


demi lavoto's


Your a stupid little shiz! You don't answer anything!

The Grade Doctor's


Not nice but I do answer all questions except those that are only about the CALCULATION of grades. This statement is prominently displayed in red on the page where you post questions -
"The purpose of "Ask the Grade Doctor" is to answer substantive questions about grading and reporting philosophy, policy, procedures, and practices. I will not answer questions that are only about the calculation of grades.
Please do not post this type of question."