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The school district I work in is moving toward standards-based reporting at the middle
school level next year. We have most teachers on board, but I have a few who are asking
for data about student achievement specifically related to standards-based grading. I
realize the tool in which you report out is just that, a tool and standards-based grading is
also about the other things you discuss in your books (i.e., retake policies, formative
assessment/feedback, etc.). Do you have any research or places to find research that
show student achievement rises as a result of standards-based reporting?

Steph Wilson


I am not a researcher so I cannot point to specific research evidence; for research evidence
you need to look at the work of people like Doug Reeves and Tom Guskey. I do have
anecdotal evidence and logical analysis that indicates if learning goals (standards) are clear
to students and if students get information about how they are doing on specific standards
their level of achievement increases.
I would like to use an analogy from outside the classroom - I am a keen golfer and I can
not get better by knowing what my score was on each round; I can only get better by
keeping statistics on varioous aspects of playing golf, then using these statistics to identify
my specific strengths (few) and weaknesses (many) and working on and/or getting help to
improve those weak areas.