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Our high school has adopted grading guidelines that follow the
philosophy in your book "How to Grade for Learning". Course grades
are based upon a variety of summative assessments. Homework is
considered practiced and not calculated into the final grade. Our
teachers now say that students are not doing homework because it
doesn't count. When students do poorly on their summative assessment,
they are not allowed to redo their summative assessment until they
have completed all their "homework" and any remedial work that
demonstrates they are prepared. We are finding kids are just not
doing the remedial work. The teachers are frustrated with chasing
down students to get them to do the work, yet are afraid to let them
suffer the natural consequences of a failing grade because our state
now tracks student success in courses to a teacher. I feel like we
are playing "chicken" with the student and the students are winning in
the respect of teaching giving in and not assigning homework. We would
like to hear your thoughts on this.

Lisa Albrecht


I agree that it is essential that students do necessary remedial work before they can take a
reassessment but I think it is wrong to say that it includes ALL homework because that
might not be what they need to do. I understand the dilemma of the impact of students'
failing on the teachers but I think you have to persevere until the students get the
message. I would suggest you look into implementing ICU - see www.poweroficu.com