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My son is a freshman in high school and at the beginning of the year, he brought home a syllabus on the grading scale in both Algebra and Physical Science (he has the same teacher) Toward the beginning of the year, it just seemed his grades in both classes were never going up when he made "A"s on his main tests..I went to the school to talk to the teacher, and he told me he had been going by the wrong syllabus the Mah Dept. set up. His first syllabus for Algebra was 80 percent for Main Tests, 10 percent for quizzes, and 10 percent for homework. When I looked at my son's tests scores and all the homework he had done to this date, it shows he had 3 A's, 2 B's, and one D o his tests. All the other homework assignments which were about 28 assignments (which were 5 points each), he got all the points for them (A's) and 1 homework assignment he had an 80 percent, (4 out of 5 points), which was a B. Right now he is sitting at an 89 percent in Algebra. To me the grade didn't seem right. I went to talk to the teacher again, (which was advised by the counselor) and he told me he can change the grading syllabus whenever he wanted, but never gave me a definite answer. While in the mean time, I had my son transferred out of both his classes and I talked to his new Algebra teacher. He told me that the Math Dept for the school has a syllabus of 65 percent for main tests, 25 percent for quizzes, and 15 percent for homework. So with this information, I really wonder if my son's score of 89 percent is correct. His old teacher has not yet transferred his grades over to the new teacher. I talked to my son's counselor, and she said all the grades are complete and up to date and the teacher should have transferred those grades already to the new teachers. I have not seen it yet. I'm a little confused now. (since his new teacher told me what the real syllabus was for the Math Dept) And I forgot to mention that my son re-took his last test he had gotten a D on in Algebra on March 5, 2013, and if he did well on it, it should move his grade higher than the 89 percent he has. The teacher never put his new grade for that in either. The counselor said she emailed him and asked him about putting in his new score on the test he re-took, but she told me she still does not see that grade entered in the system. I'm just kind of puzzled on what his grade should be right now (before the teacher enters the new score for his re-take test) Really need help to understand this?

Maria Ragnoli


I am sorry but I have no idea what his grade should be but certainly all the scores must be
transferred to the new teacher and his grade must be accurately determined according to
the school and math dept policy. As a freshman in high school what is far more important
than his grade is the depth of his understanding of the math concepts and skills that he is
being taught. Please focus on his learning not his grade.