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I am a mature student in nursing school. On my final exam, they were 90 questions but the teacher graded it out of 100 which caused me to end up with a 56.4% and failing.If she had graded it out of 90, I would have ended with a 58.63% and would have gotten an offer to rewrite the exam. Could you tell me why the instructor graded the exam out of 100%. I made an appt to meet with her ASAP do you think I am doing the right thing. Ps the final exam was 35% of my mark. I am looking for your reply. Thank you.

Eliz Brathwaite


I absolutely think that you are doing the right thing to make an appointment to see her but
from the information you gave me I cannot tell whether the grade was calculated
accurately. For example was the exam scored out of 90 and then converted to a percentage
or was the raw score out of 90 recorded as if it were out of 100? I am somewhat amazed
also that a final nursing exam would have 90 presumably recall questions instead of a
small number of questions requiring analysis, evaluation and problem solving.


Eliz Brathwaite's


Thank you for responding. However, the exam had 70 multiple choices questions and a
case study with other questions that were marked out of 20. I really don't know what is
going on with this school and this instructor, because I studied for the exam like I have
never studied before. When the exam was over, I was confident that I had passed. When I
saw my final grade, I was shock. I asked for a rewrite and she said I was not entitle for a
rewrite because my final grade was only 56.4%. I really do think that something went
wrong with the grading. Now, if the instructor dose not change the grade, I will be
suspended for a year. I am really disappointed. Thanks again.

The Grade Doctor's


The real problem here is that you are being denied a reassessment based on an arbitrary cut-off score. Given the impact that this arbitrary cut-off has on you I would be inclined to consult a lawyer to see if you have any legal grounds for challenging the school's dubious policy.

Liz Brathwaite's


Hello Doctor: Thank you for responding to my question because I am very depressed and
really need someone to help me. I feel there is more to this story. I met with the instructor
and she told me the grade is final. However, when I was repeating the course, I told her
that I was repeating the course and I don't want to fail and she pretended as if she didn't
know that I was repeating the course. Now, I ended up failing and I asked her what was my
student status. She told me that I was dismissed completely from the nursing program and
she also advised me to seek registration with other colleges if I wanted to complete the
program. I received a letter from the college stating that due to poor academic
performance, I was suspended for 1 yr, so I am suspicious about her behaviour. As you
suggested, I am seeking a lawyer's advise on this issue. Thank you so much, let me know
what you think. I trusted this instructor and she let me down. I am very depressed. Please
answer ASAP.

The Grade Doctor's


I have great sympathy for you but I cannot give you any more advice as I think this is now a legal matter.

Liz Brathwaite's


Thank you Doctor.