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I have used grading for learning as presented to us by Carol
Commodore) for the past few years. My middle school students do less
practice now than ever before because "Homework doesn't count." (We
have a 90% summative, 10% formative plan in place.) For those who are
intrinsically motivated, they do the homework every day. For those
who are not, or for those who are on the cusp, more likely than not,
the daily practice does not get done. We have a policy that retakes
can be done after all of the practice (daily work) is complete, but
that does not motivate the students. HELP!!



I believe that everyone old and young is motivated by seeing themselves getting better so I
think you have help students to see that when they practice (i.e., do formative
assessments) they subsequently do better on summative assessments. Students
understand this in band and basketball and we need them to understand it in the
classroom so give no scores for formative assessments only descriptive feedback, show
clearly the links to summative assessment, and provide lots of opportunities for self-
assessment, reflection and goal setting. Also I would suggest that you change your policy
from requiring all practice work to be done before retakes to requiring that there be
evidence that students have done things that will increase their likelihood of success;
sometimes that may involve missed daily work but sometimes other correctives would be
more appropriate.