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Mr. O'Connor
I'm a senior in college and I have an issue with the way one of my professors grades her exams and I would like your input. The professor says that if more than half the class misses a certain question on a test then she gives those points back to the ones that missed those certain question. She says that it must have been her fault in teaching those particular subjects and thats why so many missed those questions. On our first exam she decided to give back 12 points out of 100 on certain questions that the class missed. Each one of those questions were in the chapters that we are required to read for the exam and I got each one of them correct. However, I missed 13 points on other questions. This allows one student who missed more points on the same exam to get a hgher grade than another student who missed less. I told the professor that this didn't seem fair to me and that she was rewarding the students who missed certain questions and not rewarding others who got them right. I get that she is trying to help students out but one student got a 79% and was bumped up to a 91% while others including me had to keep our raw score. I've had other professors give back points in a similar way but they always give extra credit points to the ones who got the questions right and this seems fair. I just can't get over how someone could miss more points on an exam than I did and get a higher grade. I hope that I explained this well. Thank you for your time!



I can see how this is frustrating for you but I have no difficulty with the professor
identifying questions that more than half the class misses on a test and acknowledging
that it was probably caused by poor teaching (or a poor question). What I do have difficulty
with is simply 'giving those points back' to the students who got them wrong; what she
should do is eliminate those questions so if the test was originally out of 100 and she
identified 12 problem questions the percentage score on the test should be based on 88
not 100.