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Ken, We are currently working through our Instructional Council the idea of standards based grading. A few easy questions:
1. Can you share with me a specific middle school who is using the standards based report card?
2. I agree with your approach, but I am realistic that this is a major cultural shift in thinking for American Education both for parents and teachers. What is the best way to unveil this shift: gradually, a few grade levels at a time or all at once?
3. Thomas Guskey talks about adding points to your grade for doing homework, but not penalizing for not doing your homework. For example, you do all your homework, add five points, most of the work 4 points, etc. Are you familiar with this and what are your thoughts?

Thanks for being a pioneer a la Marzano in effecting true change in education.

Cory R


1. Ellis Middle School in Austin, MN and Walworth, WI

2. There are many entry points and a variety of pathways to standards-based grading and
reporting for learning. I think you have to plan with a clear sense of where you want to be
at the end and decide what is a realistic timeline given where you (teachers, students, and
parents) are at the start. In some schools making the shift a few grade levels at a time
works while in other schools setting a date when all will be ‘on board’ works. Whichever
approach you decide is right for your school there needs to be lots of professional
development and parent education (communication).

3. I am not sure where you got this from Guskey but I would be completely against adding
points for doing homework. The role of homework in grades depends on the purpose of
the homework; if homework is preparation or practice it has NO place in grades while if it
is extension or integration it may be included as long as we monitor carefully to make sure
that it is the student’s own work.