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Dear Sir,

I have a 12-year old, who is generally very bright, although we have a problem that his grades don't measure up to his intrinsic ability. He knows is materials cold when tested orally, which is also supplemented by the constant feedback from teacher that he is the first one to raise his hand in almost every subject and has correct answers. However, his test results have been unpredictable, with mostly B+/sometimes A- and infrequently As. While we strongly believe he is capable of straight As, we feel helpless helping him perfect on how to take tests, so as not to make silly mistakes, many times it means reading all question sub-parts, writing clearly so as not to confuse his own handwriting, rechecking his work before handing back his test, and learning how to write long answers carefully not to lose grades (he pretty much aces multiple choice/short answers almost every time). I wonder if there is a condition that might be holding him back on written tests. Could you please provide any guidance? It would be much appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

Vikas H. Shah
(201) 951 6961

Vikas H Shah


I am not knowledgable about 'conditions' that may be causing him to underperform on tests.
It seems to me that you have identified his problems which is the first step to overcoming
them. Now he, you and his teachers have to work on these. You made also need the help of a
learning strategies expert.