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Good Morning,

As of late I have been having issues with students who continue to hand in their assignments past the due date. Currently, our school board believes that this is an indication of their behaious, not of their academic performance. I understand the rationale for this, however, our high performing students are now realizing that they can hand in their assignments, and do not adhere to the due dates as well. In addition, they feel as though their work is not as highly valued as it should be. Our government is beginning to find out that the higher performing student are actaully performing lower. In your experience and opinion how would you correct this issue? What would you use as an alternative to a reduction in marks that will fully correct the behaviour of the student. I currently feel that this new model of thinking does nothing more than create extra work for teachers and deprives students of real world skills that are expected to be transfered from the school level to the post-secondary and work world. Thank you for your time!

Josh LeBlanc


Two basic types of consequences - 1. Communication - parent contact, part of the report
card behavior section and comments, recommendation letters, etc. 2. Time for time -
required to attend a help and support session at a time when they would prefer to be doing
something else - before school, lunchtime or after school.