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Have you ever considered a new answer to those who query grade calculation? As long as I
have had my eye on your site you have been trying to eliminate these. Could this be an
opportunity to share the reform. Instead of putting them down in frustration you could
summarize your quarrel with the grading status quo, point them in the direction to do
more research on grading and possibly provide a brief synopsis of your philosophy. You
might gain followers instead of enemies.

bailey Green


Bailey, I certainly am not trying to get enemies and it is not my intention to put anyone
down. When people ask questions about the calculation of grades my response has nothing
to do with "the reform" or my "quarrel with the grading status quo," it is simply that at
times I have been overwhelmed by these questions and I do not think this is the place to
answer those type of questions, thus the two statements in red that some choose to
ignore. If students need help calculating a grade they should first ask their own teacher
and if that doesn't work ask a student friend who is good at math or a math teacher. This
has nothing to do with research on grading or philosophy.


Lynn 's


You have to understand that people are implementing huge changes in grading policies
based on your philosophies with little or no preparation or education. Students and
parents are simply told of the change and are left dumbfounded and stressed when they
are continuing to do their work and study as usual but are suddenly a D student instead of
an A or B student. When questioned, school boards point to youand offer no further
explanation. People are asking you for grade computation because they are not getting
answers elsewhere.

The Grade Doctor's


Lynn, thank you for your comment. A critical part of the assessment and grading process is communicating clearly with students and parents, so if schools/districts are making changes and not communicating them clearly they are not doing what they should be doing. I do not understand why students who were A or B students would suddenly become D students unless their previous grades were based mostly on homework (that was done by someone else) and lots of extra credit. If the issue is grade computation no one should be pointing to me because I believe grading should not just be a numerical, mechanical exercise, it should be an exercise in professional judgment. Also the grade computation questions I receive are of two types - 1. simple calculation of percentages that any student above grade 6 should be able to do, or 2. more complicated calculations where they do not provide enough information for me to answer. That is why my answer is ask you teacher because teachers have a duty to answer such questions.