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Our 5-12 schools are using your book 15 Fixes as a basis to make some changes this
year. after reading your book I am still a bit confused on what they are doing and if it is
in line with what you are suggesting in your book. I am all for using only academic
information for grading. My confusion comes in the other aspects of school the
"citizenship area.".our district grades 5-12 are starting the only academic info for
grades and adding one citizenship grade overall for the report card. ok I can se that but
I'm not sure how they will get the grade from six different teachers..... With that said the
part I am confused about is this. If the student doesn't atttain a specific grade in
citizenship they will lose privileges....parking pass, school events even walking with
their class at graduation even if they are a straight A student, etc I understand that
there has to be something in place or at least the school thinks there needs to be but
not being able to participate in graduation.....Another concern is that teacher student
relationship that just doesnt happen or the teacher that doesn't get to know the students
and marks the student down. I know in your book they did but I can tell you when I talk
to my children's teachers they have to look at the grade book and can't really tell me
anything about my child not all teachers but I have run into a few like this where I can
tell them more about my child's learning and where the difficulties are in that subject
than they can. Is this what you were talking about. is this in line with your intentions? I
will get specifics on this if you would like. This is what I have heard form school
personnel at lowere grade levels involved with this process.
Thank you for your time



There are a lot of issues in your post. I believe that there should NOT be just one grade for
citizenship, and grades for citizenship should not be connected to privileges or the
removal of them. Graduation is earned by obtaining the required number of credits and
should never be connected to citizenship. Rather than one grade for citizenship the
school/district should identify several specific behaviors that are valued by the community
and there should be 'grades' for 3 to 5 of these valued behaviors/learning skills on the
report card. If teachers interact with a very large number of students (175 plus) it is
understandable that they may not know students well and should not be required to
provide grades for behaviors. If teachers interact with a smaller number of students and
see them (almost) every day they have a responsibility to know their students and collect
accurate evidence of the students' academic achievement and behaviors. I hope this helps.