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The school district I teach in is looking to use PowerSchool next year. I love the fact that you can link standards to assignments and have many different ways to look at student assessment data. One thing that is confusing me is that all of the grading or data input and reporting in PowerSchool is percentage based. From a reporting perspective, how does a percentage based system support standards based grading. Am I missing something?

Matt Becker


"One thing that is confusing me is that all of the grading or data input and reporting in
PowerSchool is percentage based"

Matt that is not correct - you can use PowerTeacher without using percentages, just input
all your scores as levels. I hope your district adopts PowerSchool because PowerTeacher is
a great way to do standards-based grading.




Avoid points and percentages as much as possible.
Score and record by levels.
Given that MYP uses different numbers of levels for different subjects/tasks develop logic
rules or rubrics to convert to common levels for reporting purposes.
Do not calculate or determine subject grades, report only grades for learning

The Grade Doctor's


Joe, my last answer is partly right and partly wrong. I checked with the person who gives me the best answers on the detailed working of PowerTeacher and here is his response:
"both a cutoff percent and a grade value are required, but the cutoff percent is only used by PowerTeacher to know what is the correct value to assign when standards grades are combined. For example, letís say that the last three pieces of evidence for a student on a single standard is A (Approaches), M (Meets), and E (Excels) and the school has chosen to calculate standards grades based on the most recent 3 scores and that each score is 33.33% in weight. PowerTeacher will use the grade value for each mark and then the cut off percent to see which final mark the student should see on his/her report card.

For example:

A = 50
M= 75
E = 100

The calculated value would then be 75...and if we looked at the cutoff percent, a 75 would mean that the studentís calculated grade on the report card would be M (Meets) for this standard."