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Help me understand the how a "no late work accepted" policy helps high school students. My 9th grade son has 2-3 Pre-AP classes that operate this way. It seem very rigid and communicates that you can't make a simple mistake like leave finished work in locker or at home. I understand teaching responsibilty and accountability. I would think having a late penalty would be enough to get student's attention but a zero on a daily can really hurt a grade average. Plus, it discourages the kids.

Example: My son did homework but forgot to have me sign it (part of assignment since they were starting Romeo & Juliet). Teacher would not accept it because it was not signed. Only four daily assignments for six weeks. Other three grades were 100 so zero drove it down to an 83. Daily grade is 30% of total grade. But that is grade consequence (which affects student) and I believe the larger issue is why did this happen(education issue). I talked to teacher and was told that this prepares the kids for college. My reply is that I am one course away from finishing my second master's degee (meaning I have taken 200 college hours) and I never had a situation where assignments would not be accepted late. Penaties (acceptable), no acceptance of late work after x amount of days (acceptable), but automatic zero if not turned in the very next day (unacceptable). I would appreciate you take on this. Thank you!

E. G. Mathews


There are so many things here that are unacceptable - penalties for late work (I disagree with
you on this), zeros (never acceptable), and penalizing a student for parent action or inaction. I
agree with you that responsibility and accountability are vital but this teacher is expecting
compliance which is different.