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My son is in first grade. We just got his third quarter report card. He received mostly 3's and 4's (4 is the highest, 'exceeds expectations'). However in the cateogory of reading under the subheading of 'multiple literacies' he received a 1, does not meet standards. The only comment in this section of his report card was that he was at a DRA reading level of 18 (district standard 14-16) and that he has only checked out 3 books from the school library this quarter and has not turned in his home reading checkoff. We, his parents, did not have any idea that the home reading log check sheet was being used to factor into his grade. We also did not know that the number of books checked out was relevat in any way to his reading grade. I feel like this low score is more a grade of my parenting....did I put the reading check sheet and his library book in his backpack on Friday or not.
He is getting 4's in fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and he got a 3 in work habits.
What would you recommend as the best way to proceed. We have not and are not planning to tell our son about this grade. The teacher is regarded as the best teacher in our elementary school and we have in fact been very happy with our son's progress.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




I think you should take the grade for multiple literacies (and actually all grades for first
grade) as interesting pieces of information with little short term significance and no long
term significance. I agree with you that it sounds as if the multiple literacies grade is mor
about your parenting than his reading skills, so I would ask the teacher about what is
assessed to determine the multiple literacies grade and why did your son get a 1.