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Hello again, i was the one that asked about my son receiving a 69 after missing 12 days out of 15 days of school. I have emailed the teacher and she refused to change the grade. I am waiting on a response from the principal. If nothing gets done at this level then I will go to the superintendent. He says he can't force her to change the grade because she did not break any grading policy but I did remind him of the extenuating circumstances and that extra time should be given and not be penalized by 2 days. There are 2 papers that were turned in 2 days after the make-up "deadline" and he received two 50's just for being late had he received the credit because it was correct work. it would be two 100's but i'm not even asking for 100's because regular late would be 70 and that is enough for him to get a 70. His grade was 69.39 that is .11 points shy of passing. If they calculate the 70 that would be enough. All we are asking is and extended 2 days to turn in those 2 papers. Some other teachers accepted his work "late and he received full credit. Why are those teachers being flexible?



Those teachers are being flexible because they are smart enough to know that
measurement error exists and that grades are not precise. It is simply wrong to penalize
your son 50% on two assignments and then deny him a passing grade based on a
difference of 0.11. The teacher that is doing that is arrogant and unprofessional and you
should pursue this all the way to a law suit if necessary.