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There isn't a consistent grading system in our high school. In an effort to get consistency some curriculum directors are looking to have one weighting system for honors and another for college prep. For example, honors may be 80% summative and 20% formative. On the other hand college prep may be 60/40 for the same class. The weighting hasn't been finalized yet. My concern is that tests are more challenging in honors, the curriculum is more challenging, and college prep students are allowed to retake tests if they perform poorly, but honors students are not allowed any retakes for low grades. As a result some parents are choosing to put their children in college prep instead of honors, because it is easier to get a better grade. By the way the multiplier for honors is 1.2 so a "C" in an honors class after weighting is 2.4 on a 4 scale. The bottom line is it is easier to earn higher grades and college prep than honors for numerous reasons. I want my children to have the academic challenge, but not also a level playing field for grading. Can you recommend a document or book that would help us parents discuss the issue with school to make the weighting of grades consistent for honors and non-honors classes? Honors curriculum already far more challenging.



There are so many things wrong with what you describe it is hard to know where to start.
The biggest problems are that the base for grades should be standards/learning goals not
assessment methods and the weighting in all courses should be 100% summative, 0%
formative. It is hard for me to identify a source for the particular issue of weighting
different levels of courses but books and articles by Guskey, Reeves, Wormeli, Brookhart
and me address 'good' grading practices. Put any of the names into a web browser and you
will get lots of things to read.