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Our high school grading system is not consistent. Teachers are allowed grading freedom as long as they use the district grading scale. One teacher weights summative assessments 40% while another teacher of the same subject (using the same core tests) weights them 60%. As parents we have addressed these concerns are changes are happening. However, one proposal is to make the weighting progressive in math. For example, my daughter would enter as a freshman. Her Algebra 1 class would be weighted 60(summative)/40(formative), Geometry sophomore year 70/30, Algebra 2 junior year 80/20 and Adv Algebra/Trig 90/10 senior year. Although we are glad to see something happening, we are not sure the progression is the right way to go. Should the weighting be consistent throughout all math classes? We welcome your thoughts on this issue.

Rhonda Stefanski


Ideally grading would be consistent across the school but the minimum consistency that
you should expect (and demand) is for all sections of the same course. So while I believe
grades should be determined 100% from summative assessments at all grade levels in all
subjects the progression you describe is minimally acceptable and a far better than each
teacher doing their 'own thing.'


Rhonda Stefanski's


Any suggestions on how parents can demand consistency? We very much expect it, but are
having a hard time making any progress in our district. We (parents) are seen more as
rocking the boat, not making improvements.

The Grade Doctor's


All I can suggest is that you be persistent and constructive in your attempts to get more consistent grading. Use as many examples as you can find of poor grading and try to find, and enlist the help of, supportive teachers and administrators. Also encourage your children to be advocates for themselves.