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My son missed about 10 days over a period of 3 weeks. He had been sick and had many Dr. apptmts, specialist, tests, bloodwork, mri's and many more test. He finally did get better after they found out what was wrong and gave him the right medicine. I did send emails to the teachers that he was sick and sent in all the medical notes that was needed. Anyway when he went back to school he went in everyday before and stayed after school to make up any tests, quizzes and received all the home/classwork he needed, plus any tutoring he needed cuz he missed so much. He went to the some classes more than others but he still made up all the work and tests etc. and his grades were raised except 1 out of 7 classes (high school). His teacher said his must make a high grade on his last test to pass. Well, he made a good score but not good enough. His overall score for that one class was a 69. He is in all kinds of extra activies which he has a chance to go to state but not with the 69 and teacher will not change or curve it to 70 because she says she never saw him in her class to make up things, But, he did turn in all the work he was suppose to and took all the test. He had 2 weeks to make up all passed work and still do the present work and projects. So I am going to fight for this to be changed because they do it for others, I could see if he had just missed school with no legitimate excuse and didn't make anything up. what do you think?



This is very similar to the previous question in that it involves a teacher's arrogant belief in
the precision of their assessments and grading plans. It is, however, much more serious
because it involves passing or failing a course not just the egos involved in inappropriate
honor rolls. From what you described it appears to me that you and your son did
everything that you should have done and that he made heroic efforts to submit all the
missing work. It is simply wrong for a teacher to say "she never saw him in her class to
make up things." The only issue should be did he provide enough evidence of sufficient
quality to pass. And if he ends up with a borderline grade that falls within the confidence
band of measurement error (e.g., 69 with a 70 cut score) he should pass. (Please note
though that this has nothing to do with 'curving' grades, something that should NEVER
occur.) I definitely think that you are right to fight this.