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Hi Ken, my daughter has been a straight A student all of her life. She is an honor student
in her Jr. year of high school. she recently received her first B+ in Pre-Calculus. Her final
grade was a 92. and in order to ge an A- she needed a 92.50. This B+ has pushed her
down to the Distinquished Honor roll instead of the Chancellors's HR that she has been on
all of her HS years. Her GPA is 4.57. My daughter asked her teacher if there was any way
to pull her grade up that .50 %. He said no, the quarter was over. such a small %. to keep
her of the Chancelor's HR. Should we persist and ask for grace? What are your thoughts?
Thanks much.



I am hesitant to answer this question because it illustrates everything that is wrong with
the honor rolls that I think should be eliminated from all schools. However, because there
is an important principle involved here I will answer the question. Yes, you should persist
because it is the height of arrogance on the part of the teacher to believe that his
assessment is so precise that he would not reconsider when a student is so close to a
critical cut score. Measurement error alone accounts for much more than the .5%. Also for
the teacher to say the quarter is over reveals an unfortunate viewpoint - learning is never
over and if a student wants to demonstrate a higher level of learning they should always be
provided that opportunity. The one thing I do not understand is why this is such a big deal
part way through a course - the only thing that should matter for the honor roll is the
grade at the end of the course. But the real answer is to do away with honor rolls and the
silly distinction between between Chancellor's and Distinguished honor roll. The focus
should be on learning , not decimal point differences in gpa's.