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I just got back a test today in Algebra and it was worth 100 points. I got a 19% on it and it is the first grade for the quarter. Can I still get my grade up to at least a D before the quarter is over or am I to far in the hole? She gives us homework everyday and they are worth between 5 and 20 points. Also in the quarter we will have 2 or 3 more 100 point test's. Thank you.



This is almost the type of question I am no longer answering but because of the way you
wrote it I will answer. Yes you can still get at least a D with the grading plan you described
as long as you do very well on the subsequent assessments. In fact if you do much better
in the future your teacher should eliminate this test from the grading process because it
would no longer represented your current achievement level in Algebra. However, what you
should be more concerned about is why you got 19% and working to get a better
understanding of what you did poorly on the test.


bailey green's


I would reiterate that a student who is seriously willing to work and wants to improve is
most teacher's dream. Sincere students should never hesitate to see the teacher. Chances
are they will be pleasantly surprised. If they are not and get a negative reception, I would
suggest exploring other options. In this area one can switch to a different teacher, a
different school, a learning store, an independent study within the school, an on-line
course, a distance learning course--I think we are lucky. In places where these options are
not available it might be possible to fight for more options. As a parent I would get in
there and help my kid find a way to succeed--maybe this kid's parents would too, if they
knew what to do. In my opinion, leaving education in the hands of a system without
competition has not worked very well. There should always be options.

The Grade Doctor's


I agree that there should always be options and the focus should always be on helping students whether they want to learn or not. I am not sure that I agree with your comment about competition.