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Would you comment on the scenario below? I'm trying to make sense of the apparent contempt or intimidation the teacher expressed when she threw the work away. Shortly after this happened, I got a text from my son (10th grade) asking me to withdraw him from school and homeschool him. He got a zero for this assignment.

Email from me to teacher - I got this report today from my son:
Christian went to school today ready to turn in Spanish HW. He forgot that Spanish and math were switched. He went to math. He left his Spanish HW in his math book and did not bring it to Spanish class. After Spanish class he went to his locker and got the Spanish HW. As he gave it to you, you said very emphatically, I dont want this! He left it anyway saying that he just wanted you to know he had done it. As he walked away, you wadded it up, and threw it away. Is this an accurate account from your perspective?

Mrs. S., I had already told Christian that I would not accept his homework because it was due during my class period. Had this been the first time that he did not have his homework, I would have allowed it but this is the second time this week that Christian did not have his homework. What I emphatically stated was, "this was due last class period, I will not accept this." Yes, I did crumble it up and throw it away because I was not going to grade it. Yet, some details were left out....1. Christian walked in late to class because he had stopped by the cafeteria to buy a chicken biscuit breakfast sandwich. 2. Also, we took an open note oral quiz and Christian did not have his notes out to take the quiz. In fact, as I walked around the room, Christian was the only one without any notes on his desk. 3. Later, when we were reviewing for today's test, Christian did not have paper nor pen on his desk but was turned around talking to another student.
Christian did come to help class yesterday afternoon but even then when I asked him questions, he depended on another student's notes to answer my questions.
Since next week's test is a review of material which Christian struggled with, I will be emailing you a copy of my Power Point notes so that together we can help him better prepare. Have a good day!


Christina S.


There is so much wrong here I don't know where to start. The bottom line is no teacher
should EVER crumple student work and throw it away. Regardless of how the teacher
perceives your son's behavior in her class her actions are completely unacceptable. She
should have accepted the homework but if she was not willing to do that she should have
handed it back to him with a polite refusal. The bigger issue here is that homework should
not be scored as part of grades.