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Hi Ken,

We are currently using PowerSchool with our Outcomes-Based Reporting. Right now, we are encouraging teachers to only assess the standards attached to an assignment, and not the assignmnet itself. We understand this is good practice, however we are running into some issues with Parent Portal then. If we do not assess the actual assignment with a raw score, nothing shows up in Parent Portal, which is a real shame. Is there a way for Parent Portal to show the name of the assignment and then the assessed standards that are attached to that assignment? Because we want Parent Portal to be an effective communication tool, we are tempted to begin putting in raw scores under the assignments so that at least parents can see this. I'd appreciate any of your ideas or thoughts!! Thank you so much :)



My apologies for the delay in responding but I had to check with my contact at
PowerSchool. They said "It is possible now for parents and students to see how well
students are performing on standards directly in the Parent Portal. All that the school need
to let parents and students know is that at the top of the web page that shows the
studentís schedule there is a tab that says Standards. When a parent or student clicks that
tab, all of the standards that the student has been evaluated on in their current classes
displays with the level of the studentís performance on each of those standards." They also
acknowledged that they need to do a much better job at supporting the display of non-
graded assignments and the standards to which the assignment is aligned in the Parent
and Student Portals and they are working on it.