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Several from my school heard you speak at the 2003 EARCOS conference in Bangkok, and you radically changed our thinking. After all these years our school is finally ready to implement a new assessment and grading philosophy. For our teacher training next school year, we have been considering two of your books-- How to Grade for Learning and 15 Fixes for Broken grades. We are doing training for teachers in grades 6-12, and we use a small group book study format supplemented by an all-school in-service day. Which book would you recommend for the book study, and what resources would you recommend for the in-service day? Note: We can't afford to buy both books for all the staff.

Brian Foutz


Sorry for the delay in responding but I have been busy finishing the second edition of the
Repair Kit.
I am glad to hear that you are ready to implement a new grading and assessment policy
and that you are planning to do a book study. For the purposes you describe I would
recommend the Repair Kit as it more practical - and shorter- and fits your purpose best. I
would recommend that you have few copies of HTGFL for reference if you need to go in to
greater depth on a particular topic. You probably should also have single copies of Rick
Wormeli's book and some of Tom Guskey's books ( written on his own or with Jane Bailey).
I hope you have a good year - please let me know what you come up with as your new