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I go to university and I missed a test due to being sick, I have a
doctor's note stating that I was sick and unable to take the test.
One professor allowed me to take the test three weeks later,
whereas another professor refuses to allow me to take the test
because she sees no justification in her doing another test for me
to take or to weight the final more to make up for the lost test.
Her reasoning is that she felt ignored when I tried to make
accommodations to take the missed test as per her request to ask
the person in charge of accommodations for disabled people to come
up with a date (that took a week to figure out) and then for that
person to ask me to ask the professor to come up with a date;
neither of which came up with a date until I did (that was later
denied by the professor because it had taken too long to come up
with a date). In short, she refuses to allow me to take a test I
missed when I was sick (have evidence of so) because making an
accommodation was delayed (three weeks after) despite me actively
trying to get a date to take the test and having no concrete
answer from her or the other person. As she told me "I tried but
failed and should just withdraw from the course." On the first
tests I failed, but I was planning on passing the second test
(that I missed) and the third test (that is next week) as well as
the final and thus passing the class. Now because of her refusal
to allow me take the second test, I have two Fs on tests worth 20%
whereas the final is worth 40%. It's a required course and I don't
wish to retake it. My question is if it's okay for her to do that,
and what are the grades I need to make in my other two tests
(third 20% tests and 40% final) to pass the course? Or is it more
logical to put that $600 down the drain and withdraw and try again
next year? (I'm an international student so tuition is double the
amount and my time here is limited.) Thanks in advance.



It seems to me that the professor should have allowed you to take the test or just base
your results on the three tests you are going to take. It is malpractice to give you an F for
a test you didn't take. I suggest you appeal to the dept. chair or the dean. You will
obviously have to do very well on the two remaining tests regardless of the decision.