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Hi my son is in 7th grade. The last
year and a half he was home
scbooled because or severe adhd and
unfortunaly schools in my opinion
dont care to give extra help for
those students. Well hes
transitioning back into traditional
school albeit struggling but doing
well. In math he is getting a a- in
all class work/homework. This is
after missing ten homework
assignments that the teacher let
him make up and he did. Now come to
find out the final quarter test is
60% of total grade in witch he
failed becaise she has him in a
corber working on missing
assignmemts and not learning that
days lessons so he is always
behind. Shes labled him as a
problim when every other teacher
sayes he is the sweetest and most
helpful kid there. He now know
after all the hard work he did and
was very proud of himself as was
his mom and i that this is the
situation. Prety much saying even
tho you worked hard getting a a-
you still fail because of the
extremely high final test %. Hes
lost hope and says whats the point
now if theres no way to pass. Im
wondering is ther a standard % the
teacher must go by because all
other classes of his are 20% or she
can make it 60% cuz she can? Im
lost at what to do. All his hard
work she saod he must do to pass
just to fail. And after talking to
her i really feel she dont care one
bit. And infprmation would be
greatly appreacated.

jeremy lofton


I think you need to talk to the Principal about what school/district policies apply here. I
also think the Principal needs to talk to the teacher about being more supportive of your
son and, after appropriate relearning I think your son should have a reassessment
opportunity on the quarter test.